Remote access problems

First one
Automatic config
Says it’s connected
I goto and login, I see the NAS and click on it, and I get a timeout error connecting ( took to long to respond) webpage not available

Second, I tried setting up port forwarding on my linksys
I followed the instructions however I have an iis server in my network that I already forward 80 and 443 to my server ip.
I tried the 9080 and 9443 to the ip of the wd nas but when I turn on remote access it no longer connects.

Not sure what to try next, please help if you can

Thank you!


Take a look at this guide. Hope it helps.

This is one set of instructions I followed/tried.


OK I think is is working.

However as soon as I see my shares I get redirected to the website with no further instructions.

What do I do now?