Remote access problems from everywhere

Hi to all,

I need a help with specific topic. Enviroment is:

  • TP-LINK router with dynamic IP
  • in laptops and cell phones I have a WD app

When I bought a MY CLOUD MIRROR everything was possible to see from outside networks without problems - in hotels, on the way, airports …(FW 1.x.x.x.) but after several updates of FW I don`t have an access anymore when I am out from my home network almost on all my devices.

What is strange that one of the laptop (which is not normaly in my home network) which I installed several months ago has access to my files from outside. HOW?!

If I try to connect to I see just my fathers WD EX because he has a public ip (and he registred my email adress) but I am not able to register there my NAS (my account has same email adress!!) which I have in my home network.


  • How to access remote control again to any laptop and cell phone anywhere with my dynamic IP?
  • How I can manage folders by explorer because one of new issue is that I am not able to connect with my WD MY CLOUD MIRROR even if I am in my home network? Error “not possible to connect to the folders”, just remark - my Samsung TV doesn`t this problem because I can see family movie right now.
  • How I use prioritly with my disk?

Everything was perfect on the beginning so I want to achieve same situation withou any new procedures like a registrer in NOIP sites etc.

Thank you for help, Lukas


Try disabling cloud access on the dashboard, then re-enable it to see if it helps, check the cloud access section to see the status on the cloud access connection.

Hi, I tried to restore system properties and it seems that remote access works, I will try it on business trip. I saw my device in so I will see.

What I have like a new trouble that PlexTV doesnt work if I am out from home network.

Thanks, Luky