Remote Access Problem Optimum WiFi no Outside internet connection self assigned ip

This is what is happening.  Any Advice? How can I fix this?  I already reset completely. 

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Configure settings for remote access to your My Book Live.
Remote Access:
Connection Status: Connected
Port forwarding connection established.
Connection Options:

Application Description
External Port 
Internal Port 
IP Address (My Book Live)
WD 2go Port 1:*
WD 2go Port 2:*

*Required Configure your router to map your My Book Live IP address to ports. Show me

Mobile Access

Web Access



And This  with wd2go

HTTP Status 404 - TCP relay failed - address for target domain not found

type Status report
message TCP relay failed - address for target domain not found
description The requested resource (TCP relay failed - address for target domain not found) is not available.

Apache Tomcat/6.0.32

Usage: 7 GB / 3 TB

Posting a screen shot of the problem will be helpful

this info is not clear the way you posted

Ok but I don’t know how to do that.  I’m on a macbook pro SL 10.6.8

Locally everything is fine.  wd2go has been broken since the latest firmware.  Now I can get to my hard drive but can not open public. 404 error 

TCP relay failed - address for target domain not found

Apache Tom Cat 
I’ve done everthing right down to a full factory restore deleting 2tb of files.  Now I am very frustrated wit this thing. 

When is this new firmware coming out.  I can not afford to RMA it back standard or advanced.  This will be my third one and I might just take it back to the store for something else.  

What is being done to fix this?

I never had to do the port forward thing and it worked.  My wireless keeps going back to self assigned ip

I have to  disconnect enable and enable remote service to keep a direct connection.