Remote access problem even though drive appears in My Computer

Background Info

  1. Logged into WD2Go successfully at my workplace.

  2. Selected my WD Device.

  3. Entered Network Drive password.

  4. Java applet running successfully

  5. Certificate accepted and installed.

  6. Selected “Open in Explorer” for Public share. Window explorer shows a network mounted drive and I am able to see my files successfully!


I selected “Open in Explorer” for my password protected share. Window explorer shows my password protected network mounted drive but there are no files in it! I’ve tried refreshing the drive several times over the course of 5 minute intervals and switched off the firewall in my workplace but to no avail.

Can anyone help with this issue? I can provide more information if required.

Thank you.

How long have you had the service running? It can take up to a few days to see all files…