Remote access on mobile without app?

Is it possible to have remote access to my cloud with the File Commander App in android? It’s the native file manager on my phone and I like to keep my phone clean with the least number of apps possible. File commander has the ability to connect to share and ftp servers and I would like cloud access through this app so I can remove the MYCloud app from my phone. Not sure where to begin but I think there may be some tips in here regarding remote access which I will investigate.
Should I access via a windows share or an FTP or SFTP?
Where do I acquire settings to make this happen? Do I need my public IP?

Please see pics that shows what I have to enter, maybe this can help.

I tried a few settings last night with no luck but sure I’m overlooking a few things.

For FTP or SSH SFTP, you’ll first need to enable them in the WD Dashboard settings.

If you’re just accessing within your LAN, then just provide your MyCloud internal hostname or IP to those android apps server details.

But if you want to access them from the internet, 1st you need to take note of your Public IP, Google “what is my ip”. Replace the server details with your Public IP then port forward to the MyCloud IP as below on your router:

FTP: 21(TCP)

But I must warn you about opening access to the internet especially SSH SFTP. With a weak root password, your MyCloud security could be easily compromised! Make sure you know what you’re doing. Read my guide Securing WDMyCloud SSH & FTP Remote Access at the bottom of the 1st post.

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Aw man, thanks. Looks like a good Saturday morning project for myself. I’ll post back with my results.