Remote Access Issue

So, yesterday I thought I had everything figured out - Setup user on My Cloud with spcific directory with some photos for testing - Did all of this locally so was basically just seeing MyCloud as another shared drive on local network - then went through the steps to give user remote access - My screen actually said “register” as opposed to “sign up” like it does in the on-line manual, but I figured no matter - So, I received the email, clicked the link to register and thought everything was good - However, when I got to office and tried to access remotely, I am taken to a screen showing the available directories on MY Cloud drive and they all have an icon to the right readin “open with explorer”  - when I click any of them the icon changes to read “disconnect” but I am never taken into the directory - I can never leave that screen unless I leave the app completely - So, last nght I get home and access My Cloud perfectly as a “shared drive” locally - Obviously, I am no setting the user up correctly but I cannot figure out what is wrong - This AM I have setup a “test” user and did not activate yet - I am going to wait unitl I am somewhere remote to activate via the email that is sent - I realizethis sounds ridiculous but I am really stumped - By the way, downloaded the mobile app to my Galaxy Note 3 and it works perfectly - So, I know the drive is functional, and I know the access through WD is working properly, I am clearly missing a step when setting up the user -

Any help is appreciated -

Thanks -

Try it from some WiFi hotspot like at Starbucks or something.

It sounds like your corporate firewall or your PC at work may not be allowed to use the cloud services.

Mine at work is the same – can’t connect because of corporate policy.

Yea I had the same problem.  It is related to JAVA plug in in your exployer. Does not work well anyway.  the best thing I have found so far is to download the myclould desktop app on your remote access computer . plug in your user name(email) and password and good to go. Here is the link

Appreciate you guys tips -

Looks like I had overlooked what should have been a fairly obvious part of setup - For some reason when I created my test directory and copied some photos into it, I just assumed having the “Public Access” switch set to the “ON” position within the “Shares” section would allow any user I created access - So, tonight I am taking a closer look at the setup (having failed to gain access remotely today, regardless where from) and I notice when I click on my test directory in the “Shares” section, my user name I setup at the bottom of that page is greyed out i.e. no ability to access the “Shared Directory” with any permissions at all - So, I figure what the heck, I will turn off public access - Low and behold, all of the options for access to that “shared directory” by my username are now available to be seleted - After selecting “full access” and saving changes, it looks as though it might work - When I tested it by logging in through wd2go, when accessing the test directory, it somehow reverts back to seeing it on my local network - so, I am not 100% certain I have solved the issue, but I am goog to presume things are all square now simply because the “Shares” seem to be setup properly - I will find out in the AM -

Anyway, thanks again for all the feedback - Next time I will pay more attention on the front end -

Yeah, if a share is set to Public Access, then all users will be greyed out because you can’t set user-level privileges on a public share.

Next to the grey users, ever user should have listed the indication “Public” next to the blank access permissions.