Remote access has been disabled?

I am currently away from home trying to access my HD through the app on my iphone. It was working fine up until yesterday and since then it tells me remote access has been disabled. Obviously I havent changed anything so I am a bit perplexed. Is this a common bug? Anyway to solve it from abroad?
Thanks in advance

I have found that, in port forwarding mode, if my router reboots and is assigned a new IP by my ISP, the remote connection does not re-establish automatically. In relay mode, it does. In port forwarding mode, I have to use the Dashboard to toggle remote access to re-establish the connection.

No, you cannot fix this remotely, since you cannot access the Dashboard remotely.


For 95% I believe @cpt_paranoia is spot on!

You might POSSIBLY solve this from abroad [not for the timid however]… if and only if you know the router ip and you’ve enabled remote administration of your ROUTER.

One other possibility - having a TRUSTED significant other log into the router or access Dashboard to fix.

Yes, I thought about adding an ‘unless’ clause, but I decided my wording ‘you cannot fix this’ was specific to my reply.

Trusted person to access the dashboard and toggle the clod access setting would work, but that’s a different sort of remote control…

Thanks guys… Ive come home and tried to fix it. Everything is up to date and says sharing is activated. If i try and log in from any network other than home it says remote access disabled . Any ideas what to do? Its one thing after another with this drive:-/