Remote access from Windows 7 via wd2go incredibly slow read unusable

Transfer a small text file and it’s fine.  Anything over about 5mb makes the remote client freeze up (not responding). No progress bar for file copying…

UPnP enabled.

MyBookLive  02.11.09-053 : Core F/W

Local netwrok transfers not a problem

Any help?


Have you tried using another web browser?

not sure what you mean by trying a different browser, it’s from a networked drive that the access is slow.

thanks for your reply.

What he is referring to is that you stated remote access, which is done through a browser (normally). What browser are you using?

What is your home internet connection speed? Upload/Download.

If local network is fine, then your home internet upload / download speed, along with the remote network internet speeds come into play.

The progress bar doesn’t display in real-time on Windows or Mac for Webdav connections (which this is). The connection is browser-independent – that has no bearing once Windows has mounted the device as a drive-letter, or Mac has it mounted in Finder.

It sounds as though you are accessing the My Book Live over a Relay connection instead of using Direct Connect. You’ll need to go into the Dashboard, check under “Remote Access” near the top. If it says it’s using a Port Forwarding or Direct Connection, you’re using the fastest access method, and something else is causing the slowness. If it says Relay, it’s routing through our servers first before hitting the remote location. Check our KBA#8526 for more on how to setup Port Forwarding.