Remote Access ERROR server unknown error 500 Internal Server Error

I’ve had this router a week after it was released in June. I was about to access it with the WD apps for Android and iOS along with with WD My Book Live. Now I’m able to access My Book Live NAS but I’m not about to start the remote access on the router. It’s off now and when I go to switch it on, I get this error message:


server unknown error

500 Internal Server Error

 I have the latest firmware from August. I’ve restarted the router 4 times since yesterday trying to get this to work. I don’t know what happened! Help?

This isn’t the only WD product I’ve had go nuts this week. On Saturday, My Book World Edition stopped working. I’m getting a drive failure on the admin setup but the hdd sounds normal. >_>

I actually got the router with a 2tb hdd to copy the stuff off of the my book: we and i didn’t get a chance to copy before this happened. Ugh.

BTW why can’t the router hdd be picked up by a dlna machine? 

What router do you have?

Have you updated the firmware in both MBL and router?

My net n900. It use to work until about a week ago. The my book live remote access still works fine but the n900 is off and refused to turn on. A giant error message pops up.

Well you guys work quick. The newest firmware fixes this issue and it works like it did before. Thanks…now…about my My Book WE drive…

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