Remote Access doesn't reconnect after restart

When I restart either a Windows or Apple PC any remote connections created to the MyBookLiveDuo get lost and I have to relogin to the webpage and then re-add them which is a huge annoyance.

On OSX I tried adding the drive to the account similar to how you make a NAS reconnect after login… this does seem to partially work as it promt for a username and password on restarting the Mac but nothing works I just recieve invalid notifications.

Any ideas?


Please make sure to map the drive and select to reconnect at logon.

Check the links below for more information:

Thanks for the reccomendation but that only works if the drive is local - however I’m not trying to map a drive locally - I’ve added to the drive remotely using

I have setup the connections and everything works, but when I restart the drives get disconnected.

Having to login to everytime and readding the drives is a huge annoyance.

(ps. computers connected locally to the NAS reconnect a login perfectly fine - as they have already been added using the same method offered)