Remote access by My Cloud App - Failure - Error Message - "Can't connect to this device"

When I’m away from home, and using the WD My Cloud app on my laptop, I can see the device on my home network (My Cloud), but when I click on it to connect it just does nothing for several minutes, and then I get the message “Can’t connect to this device”

I know that WD had an issue with the app not too long ago.  Are they now having a simillar problem?  By the way, I am trying to connect using both wired and wireless connections so it’s not the Internet connection which is the issue.  Also, this app has worked fine up to the beginning of this week.

The Application is not having problems at this moment.

You can try disabling and re-enabling the remote access.

Make sure to check if the settings are correct as in the following article.

How to remotely access a WD My Cloud Personal Cloud drive

Hi John

I think your wrong. My cloud is down at the moment. As far as I remember it was ok yesterday but the ios app is not connecting remotely today. Under wifi it’s fine. Please raise this with relevant tech team

I have the same problem.

I have checked the settings from the myCloud at home, and I can connect to the drive with myCLoud Desktop, and myCloud is visible in my network.

But if I want to connect from my work, the device is visible, but after a few minutes I get the message: “Can’t connect to this device”.

My Operatingsystem at home and work is OSX Maverick (10.9.2)

had to sign up just to add that i can not acees my cloud device for over 2 weeks now

can sign in on my network but as soon as i leave home or switch to another network or 3g/4g i cannot connect

Reboot your router so that it clears all the UPnP port forwards, then in the WD Dashboard settings, toggle Cloud Access->Remote Access off then on. To avoid such issue in the future, manually setup the port forwards in both your router and WDMyCloud.

Hi @Nazar78,

I’m having similar problems and would like to try your fix but don’t have lots of networking experience.  Please could you explain how to do it or help me find some other place I could read up on that?


The fix is simple. You just need to reboot or off/on your router to clear any current upnp entries. Then goto your WD Dashboard UI settings, disable the cloud remote access and enable it back. You should now be able to access your cloud from any external network ie the wd app via 3g/lte.

To setup your cloud to manual port forwarding permanently, at the same WD Dashboard UI settings page, set your ports manually eg http=80 and https=443. Next step is to open these two ports manually in your router to point to your WDMyCloud LAN IP. You may need to consult your router manual to do this as it may vary from each router. Some router may refer this as firewall or application access. But the logic is similar. Google for your router on how to port forward.

Are the problems set out in this thread the same as those in this thread?…

If so then WD still have not sorted out the problems of remote access. 

It is about time we, the customers, start suing WD under the UK Sale og Goods Act since the product is not " fit for purpose".

This might persuade them to sort out the problems.

Mine was up for less than 24hours before its down again lol

Got the WD my cloud in my Mac address filter and set to a static IP which only that device can use and the device is in the DMZ so its not behind the routers firewall

Is WD ever going to give us a relay server status page or fix it

Yep!  Exactly the same problem.  If you can’t upload remotely via the app then the so called personal cloud which is supposed to be able to allow you to access from anywhere becomes just another external local hardrive which is NOT accessable from outside of your network.