Remote Access 403 Forbidden

I logged onto WD 2go today and when i selected MyBookLive device instead of being prompted with password it said the certificate was not known, I clicked proceed anyway and was then shown a white page with just 403 forbidden. I can no longer access my files remotely. I have also tried on another pc and is exactly the same. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Be sure to have the latest java update installed.

Thanks for that, it did prompt me with an update today which i installed, even re booted to make sure it was fully installed. Was impressed with the mybook when first got it everything worked straight away with my files central and could work on them with tablet , desktop or at work could remotely map the shares.

But then my tablet couldnt access my shared files desktop could still access, but now today cant access on that. Now i find i cant access them and have had to make public the folder in order to access them. it all seems to have gone pear shaped. Doing a 95gig backup now before installing latest firmware.

After two weeks tried to log in again to WD2 go and it prompted to accept a certificate, accepted this and it then showed my shares public and protected folder again, so all is ok again. I can once again access my files from a remote pc.