Remember password / login to network share for different users

Not sure if I miss something or the password login to a NAS is really stupid? I have created for my NAS different accounts for my family, depending on the the content. But it seems that the WD TV does save / remember only one PW, and this for  for all media types. Once I saved one user/PW, it does not ask me next time anymore, it simply connects - unless I delete it in the setup. This looks very stupid and unflexible to me.

What I want to have is that it remembers dfferent users which logged in earlier, so that only the PW for a dedicated user needs to be entered. Or alternatively, when selecting photo/video /music category, that it asks to use either the previously (saved) user account and proposes at the same time to switch/enter with different user/PW.

Is there a way to do so? :angry:

This is not possible, in a computer or a NAS you are able to assign passwords to different users, in the WD TV  you can’t because there is not an option to create different users (figuratively speaking). In the WD TV there is only one user, you can’t assign name to it, because of this, the WD TV will save only one password for your network, NAS or other service, the device does not have any way to determent that it is you or your kid or any other member of your family that is trying to access the device.

I do not want the WD TV to create different users. I want a smarter way how it asks for (or remembers) login data when accessing network shares. This should not be rocket science.

If you don’t want it to remember and automatically log on to the last one used, don’t click the “Remember Me” tick box.

If you do what Tony says, you will have to type in the password every time you want to connect. There is no way to store the password for more than one user. If you want to you can post a suggestion in the ideas section of this forum, but for now you will have to live with it the way it is.