Remarket WD Purple as backup/archive

I run a server with a couple of arrays, one main, one backup. The main is WD Reds as you would expect, but the backup array is a couple of 2TB Purple drives in a mirror. They seem perfectly suited to the role; they are optimised for writes and by the nature of backups they’re mostly written (incremental update nightly) and usually only read when something goes bang. This is a very similar pattern to their intended use of surveillance, only reviewing footage after a breakin.

Ignore the ATA Streaming stuff, they just have that command set enabled in their firmware, but won’t use it without getting those commands from the host.

They also have drive vibration protection for upto 8 bays, they are intellipower rpm like reds too, and have TLER enabled. Cheaper than reds though, as random reads/writes are pretty bad. Writing big single file images of volumes they are very good!