Remains in "ready to perform back-up" mode and does not back-up - Please advize!

I have My Book Essential that comes with WD Smartware software:

After I press the “back up” tab it remains in “READY TO PERFORM BACK UP”
and remains static and does not back-up automatically (as it did before) and I cannot give the commant “Run Back up” (I did not have to before) but only the button “Pause back up”.

I have the version…

I don’t know if its connected (because it worked until now) that I havn’t performed the update, and this is because the instructions (to follow*) are complicated (and therefore a big put-off). I am afraid to lose everything due update.


There are two steps to this update. You’ll find detailed instructions below.

Step 1: Update the drive firmware (recommended)  WHAT IS THIS?

Step 2: Update the WD SmartWare software.

IMPORTANT: The following precautions should be taken before installing the firmware update.

  • Before updating the firmware on your My Book or My Passport drive, make sure you have an additional copy of your important information. WHAT? ANOTHER BACK-UP DRIVE TO BACK-UP???
  • Do not disconnect your My Book or My Passport drive during the firmware update process, as this could potentially render the drive unusable.
  • All AntiVirus software MUST be disabled. (THIS IS FRIGHTENING)
  • All Anti-Spyware software MUST be disabled. (…  "  …)
  • ANY and ALL programs that would require drive access during the update MUST be disabled . WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
  • Thank you in anticipation…

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Thank you. You know? I would have in the first place but this system is awful, because after you enter all the details and description of problem it asks finally for  RMA# .

I didn’t even know what a “RMA #” is until I looked it up on the internet (!) and what to do? I DON’T HAVE ONE!!!

Therefore I cannot get this question answered.

Any suggestions how to solve this ridiculous dilemma ?


try to unistall and reinstall the smartware: uninstall:   reinstall: