Reloading backed up data

Hi, I have 1 TB WD my passport harddrive meant for PC, but for school I had to reformat it so it could would work on both PCs and Macs. My PC crashed recently, so I reinstalled windows vista, and am trying to put all my backed up files onto my computer, but I think the WD back up software got erased from the drive after I reformated it even though my PC had it downloaded onto it before I had to reinstall windows. If I just manually copy all the files onto the internal hard drive of my PC it says it’s going to take like 15 hours or so and it wouldn’t automatically sort the files into their respective folders on my computer, no? Is there anything else I can do??

If you used Smartware to backup your files, you should be able to explore the backup folder (smartware.swstor) saved in the Passport, that way you can manually copy only the files that you would like to recover. 

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That answer doesn’t make any sense.

Sorry Keith, but what doesn’t make sense to you?

Thanks, helps with my problem.  I rebuilt my internal drive which houses my OS and programs.  I use a PASSPORT to backup my external DATA only drive.  When I reinstalled smartware and pressed the retrieve tab, I did not see the previous backups.  But when I went to the “WD smartware.swstor”, I found two catalogs, the old and the current.  I was able to copy over one files as a test and I was able to open the file.  Works fine.  My only question is,can I merge the two catalogs?  If not, not a show stopper, just annoying finding the correct file to copy over.  Thank you