Release history notes?


Today I got my Live to replace my older WD TV player and it’s superb, by th little I’ve toyed with it…

I saw the beta firmware* and I was wondering, is there a complete release notes history for all the beta versions so I can see all the cumulative changes between the last official version and this one?

Oh, also, are there any third-party firmwares like in the old WD HDTV unit?



*update failed… probably it switched to some other video mode and although it boots, the screen stays black. Instead of fiddling around I thought I;d ask fot the complete history to see if it’s really worth it updating…

If you go to the beta download page and look on the right you will see ‘release notes’. Click here and download a pdf file. This file shows the history of all firmware updates including the beta’s.

As to 3rd party firmware try googling b-rad.

(The above assumes that you have a WDTV Live and not a Live Plus.)

Ahhh thanks for that mate… I hadn’t noticed the link! Much appreciated.

I did know of b-rad’s firmware, but the functionality (torrents etc) is not really something  I’d be interested in… I would expect more hacking and slashing for such a system, but nevermind - the original is good enough.

Although I do recall reading something about a v2 OS from WD?

Thanks again!