Release a product that works?

Here’s the idea - test a product properly before marketing it and selling it worldwide.

That way, I won’t have my music stop playing whenever the screensaver starts, or better yet - the speech synch on ALL my mkv’s will not be an issue.
jchen states:  As described in the last update. Visual effect is not possible on this current processor.

I bought this unit at a cost of ZAR1790.00(roughly $275.00) and couldv’e purchased a pc instead that could handle all of the above and then some for the same price.

WD’s profit margin must be huge for this item as it’s a dedicated media device that at present only succeeds as a network storage device. Just not good enough. WD need to up their game.

I’m going back to using a media pc with PS3Media Server installed and hook everything back up to the PS3.

In all seriousness… maybe you should have done a little product research before comitting to such a BIG purchase.