Release 2.02.32 Problem Fixed

I had the same problem everyone else is having after upgrading to 2.02.32 however, the solution was quite simple. I unplugged the unit, including the lan cable.  Let it sit for 1 minute.  Plugged everything back in and now it works.  All movies play and things seem to be a bit faster as well.  Its what fixed my issue.  Would be interested to know if it works for others.

The latest release has lots of prolems, though the biggest is the problem playing some MP4 files. That is the problem u are refering to I guess.

So u had a file that did not play, then unlplugged and now that same file plays?

Normally, do u do a short or long press of the power button to put the unit in standby? Long being over 5s and results in a cold start (like from after unlpugging power cable) whereas a short press will kick of a warm start on the next press of the power button.

The reason I ask is: a warm start does not wipe out memory leaks that seem to be rampant among the apps, certainly youtube and iplayer. And maybe even playing videos leak, I cannot be sure on that one though.

These days, a cold start is always a good idea after any apps have been used prior to trying to play videos. It must allocate buffers for streaming and this seems to result in long or forever delays when playing videos with low memory avalablility. A cold restart has cured that for me, though not all my Mp4 issues.

Just a thought.