Reinstalling to an SSD

I am starting with a fresh install of Win 7 on an SSD, my system sees my 2TB My Book Essential which has 1.2TB of data including back up of HD install.

I’d like to install WD Smartware on the SSD  but am wary of doing so as I do not want to lose the data already present. Is is possible to install WD Smartware to the SSD without risking this data or do I need to find a way to back it up and start with a fresh install which might wipe the data?

Thanks in adavnce


A new installation will not delete your previous backup, but since you have a new windows installation it will create another folder with the name of the new computer. If you want to recover the information from the external HDD, just explore the smartware.swstor folder. 

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Just to confirm that if I run the installer on the SSD boot up that the ALL the data  will be safe, sorry to press the point but I trolled through the forum and saw somewhere that someone had reinstalled and all data had been lost, just don;t want to be in that position…

Smartware will not delete any of your previous backups. :wink:

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