Reinstalling the backup software

I have a WD My Book Premium edition, 320 Gb, purchased in 2006.  After installing it, using the Quick install guide, 
one of the first things I did when I got it was to reformat the drive from FAT32 to NTFS.  During the Quick Install, I had installed only the backup software and none of the other extras that were offered, like Google and Acrobat.   Before formatting the external drive, I copied the software that was on it to my computer’s hard drive, so I have a folder called WD Hard Drive Software.  I copied all of that back onto the external drive after it was formatted.  I’ve been using the WD Backup program regularly ever since. My program version is, and it has worked flawlessly.  The computer is running Windows XP Media Center Edition SP3.

I have also been using the drive to store backups from a laptop running Windows XP Pro SP3.  I did not install any WD software there.  I am using the Windows backup program to do backups for the laptop.  When the WD drive was plugged into the laptop for the first time, there was no menu displayed to install any WD software, so I figured that my having formatted the HD drive previously removed that as an autorun feature.  The laptop just detects the WD drive as another USB storage device.

I just wondered if, in the event that disaster strikes the computer and I end up needing to reinstall the WD Backup program in order to restore the backups I’ve created with it…which setup file or installer do I run from the following list? 

I have the following, and I’ll just give a partial path starting with the folder I have all the WD files stored in:

WD_Windows_Tools/WD Backup/Setup.exe.  This is an “Installshield Setup Launcher”, version  There are a bunch of other files within the WD Backup folder as well.

WD_Windows_Tools/WD/Setup.exe.  This is called a “Setup Launcher” by Western Digital Technologies, and it is version

WD_Windows_Tools/Setup.exe.  This is a “WD Software Installer” by Western Digital Technologies, version

Sorry if that’s maybe a silly question, but I just like to have all my ducks in a row so that problems can be dealt with in an orderly manner.  :wink:

P.S.  I have no wish to upgrade the backup software at this point, and I do have a copy of all the WD software on the WD drive itself, my desktop computer, and I’ve stored a copy on the laptop as well. 

You will need to reinstall Windows, then the backup software.  Then you should be able to look for existing backups on the external drive.  Or, go into the backup software’s restore function and point the restore to the backup folder.  If you don’t get it to work, give WD Tech Support a call for more help.