Reinstall WD Discovery after windows reinstall

I had installed the WD Discovery software which came with my drive and then a few days later I was forced to reinstall windows 10 (reset). It seems to still know that I had installed it in the past and when I try to install, I get a dialog that “This version of WD Discovery software is already installed on your computer”. However since I reinstalled windows, it no longer shows up in the “uninstall” list. How can I force and install and/or uninstall so that I can get it installed again?

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Same issue - can’t figure out what I need to remove to fix the issue.

Found it - had to remove the .wdc folder in my “users” folder c:\users\myusername

Once I did that, install worked as expected.

I was able to reinstall WD Discovery but only after deleting .wdc folder for EVERY user. I also deleted the Western Digital folders from Program Files and Program Files (x86) for good measure.