Reinstall Time Machine from EX2 Ultra


I had an issue with a Mac desktop in which I had to do a wipe reinstall to factory settings. I made sure I did a backup to the EX2 via Time Machine and when all was done, then did the wipe etc.

I booted in recovery mode and got the window to reinstall backup from … I chose the EX2, and couldn’t log in. So I did the 4 second password reset via the pin hole on the back of the EX2. I set the password and tried again to access the EX2 to get the backup. Now, it accepts the name/password; the sign in box doesn’t shake and remain, it just disappears. I can enter that info over and over yet nothing happens. It doesn’t move to the next step.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions? (Please don’t say try it from Time Machine, that give me a network issue pop up- but again, I watched it backup through to completion). Thanks

Hi Krug,

I would suggest you to perform 40-second reset to the My Cloud device.

Also, please refer to this KBA article to view and recover files from a Time Machine Backup: How to View and Recover Files from a Time Machine Backup