Regular loss of Connection to Logitech Media Server (Squeezebox)

I am using a Zyxel NSA 310 storage with squeezecenter loaded streaming music held on the NAS to to Gen 3 WD TV live streamer (wired connection). I want to retain the organisational abilities of the Logitech software and access it by connecting via the  media server connection in WD TV live. The inbuilt media server within the NAS does not present music in a user friendly format.Everything seems to work fine but I I loose connection every thirty minutes with a mesage telling me it is safe to disconnect the USB device and that previous connection has been lost. I have applied a reserved setting inmy  Netgear DG834G but the connection loss continues. A Roberts streamium network player in another room connected (wireless connection) via the same media server continues with no issues so looks to be a problem with the WD TV live configuration from the LAN to router. Any similar experiences or suggested resolutions would be gratefully received.

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Worth adding just after it stops and I get the message about disconnecting the USB it will connect again through set up and establsih connection - I have disconnected any USB storage devices connected from both WD TV and NAS and it still disconnects -weird!!

must definitely don’t have your setup…

just baffled about the fact that  you get a message that says usb was disconnected but you are just accessing the media 


Have you checked in the Logitech Forums to see if any one have had a similar issue

There’s a conflict there that I can not fully comprehend

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Can.t get a any resolution on this through slim device forums. WD TV Live still disconnects from Zyxel NAS media share every half hour. I have three WD live boxes and it is an issue on them all. As Squeezebox receiver and Streamium radio work fine when connected to media share  I have to assume this a bug.

I also have that issue.

Lost connection in about 30m or so to TVersity and Wild Media Server.

Trying to fix the mkv´s trough network issue and found a new problem with media server connection.

Using wdtv live 3gen and fw 1.7.x

So sick and tired of this :frowning:

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I would like to add that it´s not normal this level of incompetence that  Western is demonstrating each time a new firmware comes out.

It is unfortunate that they are unable to solve all the problems that still exist.

Launch a product on the market full of bugs and not solve them.

Receive our money, but do not demonstrate the minimum quality of technical support.

For months that i´m waiting for the mkv´s issue to be solved.

This company is no better than a low level chinese one.

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