Registration of WD items?

Is anyone else having SERIOUS issues getting the stuff they buy registered with WD? I opened a ‘support incident’ a month ago in getting my NVMe drive registered that had failed on me after barely a YEAR and all I get told is ‘it has been escalated to the appropriate party’.
1 month in and no solid updates or solutions to this issue. This is insane and making me consider no longer owning ANY Western Digital items with this…

I went through it when I bought 3 Red drives for my NAS. Couldn’t register any of them via the site. So I sent them back, never installed them. Bought 3 Seagate drives…BAM no problem.

The registration page has been broken for me as well.

They would not register a 500 gb drive I bought from Best Buy. And denied an RMA for a bad drive I bought 4 months ago. NOMORE WD PRODUCTS FOR ME !!!

Just bought 2 1TB Passports and can’t register either one. So I will probably take them back and get another brand that can be registered, so if something happens, I’ll have that safety net.
Funny, they registered my NAS and 4 Reds with no issue 9 months ago!

On Jan. 17, 2022, when I tried to register my new WE BLUE SSD, the website posed a “security risk.” Doesn’t show up on my desktop, even though it does in Disk Utility. Too many obstacles for me. Returning the WD SSD. (And I’m beginning to understand why WD stock has declined in the last few years!)