Registering form for WD Community Forum

A previous response, by me, was incorrectly placed under the “Logging in” thread. My complaint was more directed at  the regstration form process. Thus the start of this new thread.

When presented with the captcha input and an error is  made, say in the password section, the rror is reported at the top of the form, upp two screen pages above the visible screen. Instead, the registering user is presented with  new captcha  words to be input and the actual error cannot be seen. Assuming the captcha input was not correct the person can re-enter the security words forever and never see any notification of the real error.

Form entry errors need to be presented where the user can see them. The retry entry form should scroll to the entry that needs correcting with appropriate highlightin of the field(s) or report it where the user will be looking.

This is hard to believe a product with as much history as WD products could have so many basic logical errors. This is not a good first impression.

The captcha is a necessary evil. :confounded:

That’s kind of what it’s doing.  The problem is that the error message is at the top rather than at the field that needs correcting.  Unfortunately, the Captcha is a third party service, and the error statement is from them.  I will look into what we can do about it.  But it’s most likely going to be feature request.  Thanks.

Please re-read what I wrote. I doubt your password requirements have anything to do with the Captcha entry,

It’s no wonder your WD Live TV has so many problems after so many years. Unbelievable!

This was my problem also…It took me six attempts to register, then scrolled up to see password needed redoing,

then after using pword with only 7 digits, went through the same process as it requires 8 digits.

Not a good first attempt at the forum site…

We are aware of this and it will be corrected soon.