Regarding Video Genres

Hello, I’ve been using and tweaking the hub’s theme for a week now. I just simply love It. Still, theres something that I don’t think works very well. And that is Video “Genres”.

Let’s say I have an indiana Jones backup. It’s main genre would be Adventure, but some might think it is an action movie also. So the folks at list It as an Action, Adventure movie. If I scrape the info from the website the generated xml has two genres Action and Adventure. But the Hub only recognizes the first genre, not only for listing the info in gallery mode but also for sorting purposes. So I will not get Indiana Jones as a result if I sort by “Adventure”. If I manually change the order of the XML the result is the same. No adventure (even if I do a full turn off of the device).

Second thing regarding genres is that I have several fitness videos. Well, the smart people at don’t have “health&fitness” as a genre. And there is no way I can create that genre. Their site **bleep** @$$. So anyway, If I scrape the info of the video it comes with an N/A Genre. And again, It doesn’t work if I manually change the XML to “Fitness”. It will not appear as a Genre option to sort.

Have any of you experienced this? Is there something I can do to remedy this?

Thanks for your time.

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Hi there, this has been suggested a few times to be updated… There’s an idea on it, but I can’t find it.

You could create a new one or be lucky to find the old one to give it more votes.