Regarding Today's Firmware 29-06-2012

Quick question to every one

  • I am using RAID 1 (Mirroring) but before i updated my Firmware , a message appeared saying that i should make sure that i have multiple data saved. does that mean i have to have a safepoint or since i am using RAID 1 then i shouldnt really pay much attention to this message?

  • once the update was done. the screen is stuck on “Reboot , and Initializing device” is this normal? even though i am able to access the content of the My Live Duo Hard drive ? should i refresh the page ? i still see that the device has a flashing light going on and off

let me know


regarding the second issue in my main post , i refreshed the page and everything went fine it seems that it froze while initializing the Drive, or the page didnt get a response “end of process” from the Drive 

i am still puzzelled about the first issue

That’s the normal message when you update the firmware, even though you use a RAID 1 configuration, if the firmware installation fails for some reason, you wont be able to access that information from the same my book case.

do you mean i wont be able to access the entire MBLD ?

what if i take one of the drives inside and put it on a reader? will i be able to access the info stored in the device?

if a Firmware fails , does this affect my data in any way? i think if it fails and i need to reset everything should go back on as usual?

am i wrong?