Regarding the Passport Essential and a PS3

Is there any useful info out there regarding the use of a 500 GB Passport Essential with a PS3. I have an 8GB HP

flash drive that I can easily copy and paste movies onto to the watch on my play station. As my PC’s hard drive is slowly getting full I purchased a WD external drive for storage hoping that I could replace the 8GB flash drive for good.

As I expected the PS3 does not recognize the WD drive, does anyone know why?. The PS3 manual states that you can connect external devices, such as devices that are compatible with USB mass storage class. Is my Passport Essential not a mass storage device?. This makes no sense. LOL. I guess I need a flash drive with more storage space.

I can’t find it here I know it has been discussed before. I think it’s been in the last couple of weeks. I would not trust data to only one physical drive. I did a little online searching and the drive would need to be formatted FAT32. The down side is the maximom file size is 4 gigs. Maybe somebody else has some more knowledge on this.

The Passports and the MyBook Essentials and any of the other encryptable drives might be having issues because of the VCD necessary for the encryption/decryption locking/unlocking abilities.

They aren’t a stock “Mass Storage Device”.  That’d be a bare drive without the bells and whistles, such as an Elements or an Elements SE.

If you don’t have any luck by changing the format to FAT32, I don’t think you’ll ever get the PS3 to play nicely with it.

Please read the following subjects :

“Remove the VCD from my drive”,  “My Passport Essential and JVC camcorder” and other topics referring to VCD.

If the PS3 is not able to “read” past the 1st partition there is no way to use it in PS3.

The same old problem !

Another “victim” of VCD ?

This is true. Most drives are NTFS format now. Small flash drives that work on a PS3 are Fat 32. I just learned all

this today. If you can’t format the drive yourself the peep’s at Best Buy can do it for around $32. And yes there is a 4

gig file size limit. If the file you wish to copy to the external drive is bigger than 4 GB, can’t do it. Unless you split up the file.

That’s nice of Best Buy to format the drive for only $32, you can do that in Windows! You might try blocking the virtual CD even then It may cause a problem. Or it may be one of the newer less intrusive ones that are starting to show up now. How about posting back and let us know how you made out.