Regarding sync, search & audio output option - please help me out


i have recently bought wd tv live hub. i fell in love with it on the very first day. but there are some serious issues which should be answered. please help me out regarding this.

  1. can i sync photo, music, video sections of wd tv live hub  with a specific folders of my desktop? like sync photos with my photos, music with some separate music folders of my desktop & videos with some separate folders. i have found a sync option , but that only sync with a specific folder of my desktop. it is just like what we do in itunes. it is a ridiculous idea that i will put all of my different media files in a same folder. if it can be done then it will save a lot of time to load new media files that i have to do manually.

  2. i have a huge collection of music.  regarding music, whenever i search any artist  all of his songs appear in a single page (all albums together!!!). if i want to find a specific album of that artist, it becomes impossible. all asongs jumbled up. whenever i search an artist it should show all of his/her albums separately, so that search becomes easier. is it possible?

  3. is it possible to have audio output via two regular rca jack (red & white), while watching video via hdmi. i dont want  to use optical port for audio. because only one optical audio input  of my home theatre is occupied by playstation3. at present i am using my mini hifi system for audio. for that reason i  have to use regular video port (yellow), even if i have hd tv.

many many thanks in advance. don’t know is it right thing to ask too many question in a single post.


  1. Yes. I watch via HDMI but listen via an audio amp connected via the RCA output jacks. You don’t need to connect the composite video.

many many thanks. i’m sorry for such late reply. i was out of town. i tried that but sound is transmitting via hdmi. tonight i will try once more. i will surely late you know. thanks again.

hope that someone like you answers the other questions