Regarding Hebrew support in 1.04.31

From release notes: "

  • Supports Arabic, Hebrew and Polish languages user interfaces."

Does that mean that Hebrew subtitles are supported as well ?


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i tried to search for hebrew subtitle support but no way. whats the point of hebrew interface with no option to read hebrew subtitles? thats the basic, i dont need menu’s in hebrew - just watching movied with hebrew text support, PLEASE FIX THAT!!

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Open the SRT file you want and click “Save as”. at the bottom you can see encoding=ANSI.

Change to UTF8 and voila.



For fun I tried this last night- I was able to run Hebrew subtitles (even those “custom” ones) with no issue as long as the subtitles used UTF8.

If someone can provide examples of some Hebrew subtitles that don’t work, I can look into getting this fixed.

Really? While you’re at it would you mind looking into getting these fixed as well? Thanks.

I’ve got several examples of Hebrew subtitles, but I want to make sure that we don’t miss anything. I’ve got open bug reports for the issues described in the post you linked.