Regarding firware updates

Last week only I started using wd my cloud. Immidiately after the setup finished firmware updated to v03.04.01-230. Somewhere over the internet I read that when the device firware gets updated the existing data used to wiped out from cloud? Is it true? Then that would be an disaster scenario as I have started keeping my important files into the cloud. Whether auto upgrade is turned on or off at certain poit I would like to go with new firmware in that case how to protect my data?

I have done two firmware upgrades and never lost my data though I have now turned auto update off just in case.

Many thanks for the info. So there are chances for data loss?

You will never have somebody tells you there is no risk for a data loss… Your firmware update can go wrong as any firmware update. When firmware updates go wrong, in any device, you amy recover easily without impact, or you may brick your device completely. At that point, with a NAS, you might be able to take the disk out and recover the data…

Is this NAS more prone to getting bricked upon a firmware update than other NAS? We will probably never know either.

I don’t think there is a good answer for your question.

Just backup your content using a safepoint before updating the firmware! To do this reliably, disable autoupdate, so that you control the update process.