Reg- SENSSIS - advice!

Hello there to all you clever people! 

I’m working on my new theme “SENSSIS” and I have come into a little problem. 

1st) I’m not sure this can be done… but I am hoping! 

On the “Services” page = rv_online_service_page_filter.xml  I am trying to default the service listing to “ALL”, so the example would be when you go onto the page it defaults to all the services, not to first have to use the filter to choose which the type of service you want…(If that makes any sense!)

any help would be most welcome…

Very grateful…


99.99% sure not possible

As all views, when 1st entering them will default to the 1st available selection

Sure, you can modify the “display” of how they are listed … but not the default firmware controlled behaviour.

eg. i tried this with i nc_option_menu_page_list.xml


default list selection:

View Backdrop Images

View Info


Swaped the xml code around to display

View Info

View Backdrop Images


But still…

View Info ----------------------- Displays Backdrop Images

View Backdrop Images ---- Displays Metadata Info


Thanks Joey, what a b*******r lol, thanks for your help though. It is appreciated!

Kind regards