Refusal to honor your product warranty

I have a bad microSD card which WD agreed was bad but you won’t replace the card. Your excuse “we don’t have a replacement” is about as lame an excuse as can be. I could buy a dozen of them from Amazon, but YOU don’t have any. I’m not buying it! Besides, what does that have to do with anything. You warranted this card when I bought and you can’t just nullify the warranty just because you don’t have one in stock. Then, you make this lame offer to give me a replacement that is half the capacity of the one I have!! What kind of lame solution is that? We’re talking a $20 microSD card for crying out loud. You need to rethink your strategy because if you won’t honor your warranties, what does that say about SanDisk (WD). Not much!

@schleeb, please contact to SD Support team:

I did… again. They canned my support request number. Nice work! I’m tired of this charade and am sending this all to my state’s Attorney General’s office. I’m tired of your lack of response CONSIDERING YOU’VE ALREADY STATED TO ME THAT THE CARD IS DEFECTIVE. You just don’t want to do anything about it, EVEN AFTER I ACCEPTED YOUR OFFER OF A REPLACEMENT CARD. You just closed the case without even bothering to send me the card. You people are incompetent from a Customer Service standpoint.