Refurbishing old G Raid 4TB


Good afternoon everyone:

I have an older G Raid 4 TB external (actually, I have two) which has recently died on me. This is the model that connects through eSata / USB 2 / Firewire 800. Can I just swap out the two internal drives for new ones? Should I set up anything about the Raid 0, or is that all pre-configured?

It’s served me well for nearly 10 (?) years as backup and sample drive.




Not exactly the same device, bit I suspect close enough.

I just removed the two OEM Hitachi 2 tb drives from one of these enclosures on Thunderbolt. I replaced them with two identical 4 tb WD drives.

I reformatted them and set up a RAID 0 using apple Disk Utility and it functions as new.


Thanks! Do you need to set up the RAID 0 or is that taken of through the hardware in the G Raid unit?


In Sierra click on Finder > Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility
At the top left of the Mac screen click File > RAID Utility
Follow the RAID Utility instructions to create a RAID 0.


Thanks … I’m on Windows but I’ll figure it out.