Refreshing and other issues

I add shows daily to MB Live Duo and the WDTV only refreshes under the network share and not in the My Media Library.

  1. How do I get refresh the My Media Library section to pickup new added shows or to refresh? Currently I wipe out the share info and re-add all the shares again. Doing a RESCAN under options doesn’t work. There must be a better way.

  2. I have 6 root folders (not counting Public) on MBLD unit and when I add them to the My Media Library, only 4 of them displays. If I try to re-add a drive that is not showing, I get an “Invalid Path” message that the drive has already been added to the library and to choose a different folder. How do I fix this? Again, rescan does not work.

  3. What picture is needed for the individual episodes? Like when I’m in Folder view, the one where it displays the folder images along the bottom of the screen and each image has a little green outline of a folder. The folder that is currently highlighted is displayed above the row with the Date, Director, Genere, etc. When you open up the folder, I have a generic place holder where another image should be, but instead, there’s of a green outline of a folder. What is the “name” of the image or picture that should go here? (Like for all folder images, it’s called “folder.jpg”) Also, how do I get those images? In System Setup, Get Content Info is set to AUTO.

How  are you browsing for the files on the media library?