Reformatting My Passport

I tried to reformat my My Passport to NTFS. I did not get a successful format.  The disk is now cleaned of files and the format is set to RAW and the status is “healthy”.  When I try to format, I get an error message: “The system cannot find the file”

I am using Disk Manager in Win7 per the WD knowledge base.  I cannot finish the reformat without doing that. Does anyone have any suggestions about next steps?

Could this be caused by the hidden VCD partition I saw others refer to?

Try using the Windows Data Lifeguard Diagnostic program. Select the Passport drive with a double click to bring up the utilities menu. Double click on “Write Zeroes”. Proceed through the confirmation dialogs until you reach the choice between “Quick Erase” and “Full Erase”. In most cases, the “Quick” option should be sufficient to make it possible to format your drive in Disk Management.

You can download the utility here-

If the DLG doesn’t work about all I can think of is to run the command prompt to convert a FAT32 drive to NTFS. Sometimes that fixes a raw drive. Here is a link expaining the command  prompt