Reformatting Ext HD and reloading functional software

I have an older (~2008) Passport Essential (WD2500ML) portable HD (250GB) that I use as a safety backup for 3 computers. Space isn’t too much of an issue but the file structure on the HD is non-intuitive and confusing. The software that came with it is Memeo. The three backups are stored in folders like My WD Backup, WD Sync Data, and one I must have named Office Computer. I’ve not felt that the instructions that came with the drive were very clear about what the Memeo does and if I even need it (some programs that came on the HD seem to be “trial” versions that they are trying to interest me in buying). All in all, it leads to confusion and difficulty finding the appropriate files when I need to grab them for backup or other reasons.

I’m thinking about reformatting the HD and starting over. My computers are relatively new so I feel that I can go without a backup for a short while. Then I would try the backups in a standard way so that they had intuitive locations.

Is this possible? What software do I need to have/download to do this. Are there specific steps I should follow?

Thanks for any wisdom that can come my way about this.


Your Passport model comes with a suite of several programs that you can use at your convenience, but they are by no means required for utilizing the drive. For more information on how to backup your files using Anywhere backup, follow the link below. You may also use any third party backup program that you would like to use.