Reformatting a my book 1500 to vista

I just bought this hard drive not realizing I would have to change it.  Anyway I followed the directions removing the set up and resetting it up for windows.  Then going on WD to download the different available softwares.  I backed up everything but now when I try to look at a file that is backed up on the external it asks what program to open it with.  First off who knows you cant tell what is what.  Can I fix this did I do something wrong?  This is ridiculous.


So noone knows how to format a my book for windows?  I did it but since I cannot read/look at the files that are on the external Im a little leary.  Maybe I will try and put them on my other computer to see if they are correct.  why doesnt anyone know what to do?  Im mad because my passport was easy I just plugged it in and this my book said it was compatible I didnt realize I would have to delete the mac and download from the wd website.  Hello does anyone have anything to say/help me out I may end up just taking this back and getting something else.

My MyBook Home Edition 1.5TB drive came formatted as FAT32.  Not optimal for Windows XP and above, but certainly readable by any version of Windows from Win95 up.  I think Macs can also read FAT32 drives, but I’ve never had a Mac.  Anyway, from what little information you’ve provided, it doesn’t sound like the MyBook is your problem.

The users who frequent this board will need more info before they can help.  For example, what software did you use to backup your files.? What files did you back up? Exactly what problem are you having? When you look at your back up drive on your PC, do you see folders and/or a list of files?   Are you upset because you can’t open Mac files in your PC?  Are you trying to use your PC to read a compressed backup file that you created on your Mac?  A MyBook drive does not perform magic. If your PC lacks the software to read a particular file type, it won’t be able read that file whether its on your MyBook, attached to your email, posted on the internet, or resting on your PC’s internal hard drive.

My MyBook Home Edition came with both Mac and Windows software. It was readable on a PC out of the box, and should also have been readable on a Mac.  What “changes” did you feel compelled to make to your drive?  Also, and I should have asked this earlier, what version of Windows are you referring to?

I followed the directions in the user guide

Drive Format

This WD device is preformatted to HFS+ (Journaled) for compatibility with Macintosh

operating systems. To reformat the device to Windows, visit and

search our knowledge base for answer ID# 1550.

Important: Reformatting My Book erases all its contents including the preloaded software.  If you have already saved files to My Book, make sure you back up files before reformatting.


I hadnt save any files on it.  I did what the user guide said.  I backed up afterward and Nortons said I  backed up my files.  I just dont like looking at files that I cant tell what they are on the WD.  I have music documents pictures etc… everything from my computer is on the harddrive I think.  It did something I just have no clue as to if it is correct or not I thought I would upload it to my other computer to see if it read it.  If not I will delete all and return the stupid thing.

The problem is that HFS+ is a Mac format and NTFS is a Windows format.  Neither operating systems natively include software for reading/writing to the other format.  You could reformat the drive to FAT32, which both Macs and PC’s can read/write, but then you have a maximum file size of 4MB.

From the link below, it appears that 3rd party solutions exist.  However, as I said, I don’t know much about Macs so I can’t vouch for the programs:

However, as I’ve just discovered, Boot Camp, (part of Mac OS X Snow Leopard) allows Windows installations on Intel Macs to read HFS+.  I’m not sure if this applies to you, but see below:


BTW, did you back up using Norton under Windows?  Your installation of Norton on a Windows PC should be able to read the files. If  your Windows PC can’t read the files that Norton backs up from a Windows PC onto an NTFS formatted drive, your problem may be with Norton.

Thanks for your help I will let you know how I make out.