Reformatted, Not Detected by SmartWare/VCDManager

I installed SmartWare, Set a Password.

I Decided I didn’t like SmartWare. Uninstalled it, then formatted My Passport.

The Problem:

When I plug in the drive it still asks me for my password, I type it in, I get access to my drive, but when I goto SmartWare to Disable the password, It doesn’t detect my Passport anylonger (im assuming due to the formatting of the drive)

Same goes with the Virtual CD Manager, It says it doesn’t detect my passport.

Is there a way to re-associate the Drive with its original… “id” or something so it can be detected?


I would like to know also.

I reformatted yesterday. Smartware does not want to know Passport any longer. 

I just want Passport back to the original settings and file system as it could be picked up by the TV no worries to play media files.

Try this…

Download this zip file (465MB) from WD and extract contents on to desktop. Now copy everything on to root of the My Passport. Once completed coping, disconnect drive and reconnect after 10 sec.

Please note that you have to remove Password Lock Feature within Smartware application before formatting your drive.

My Passport Drive Contents: Windows

My Passport Drive Contents: Mac