Reformatted MBE - Need Auto Backup Software - Windows 7

I have a My Book Essential (MBE) 1TB that I used for two different computers for about 2 or 3 years.  I reformatted the MBE (using device manager) so I can use it on a new computer with Windows 7.  The new computer recognizes the device and I can send data/files to the device like a flash drive, but I want to install the auto-backup software (WD SmartWare?) to automatically backup the data.  My MBE previously had the previous version of the auto backup software (whatever that was called - don’t recall), but obviously since I have reformatted the drive that software is gone.  I have tried to load the SES driver and WD SmartWare software to my computer and followed the steps listed on the WD site, but that doesn’t appear to be making the MBE backup automatically.  Any suggestions for a computer novice?  Thanks in advance.

Follow the link below to install the latest smartware version and to start the backup.

Smartware download

Smartware backup