Reformatted and lost software on MBE 2.0

I had My MBE working fine while connected to my PC then I decided to connect it directing to my new MAC.  I found out the dirive had to be foramatted different for mac and to make a long story short I messed up and now I just want it back the way it was.  The problem is the software that was built into the drive is gone.  I did manage to connect it to my pc (XP) and get it to recognize the drive and reformatted it per instructions on WDC support.  But now when I reboot I have to unplug the mybook as the system will not reboot otherwise.  Then once it is rebooted I have to plug it in, reshare it etc.  That is getting tedious.  So I’m assuming the initial software that was loaded had something to do with preventing that.  Any ideas?

How do I get the original drive software back - I only see download options for the software on the disc that came with the unit.  And unfortunately I did not use the backup utility I just read about. 

Thank you to anyone that can help me with this.


MyBood Essential 2.0 Edition (1TB)

You can register the device here:

After you register the device you can access any/all software that came with the unit.

Otherwise you can uninstall the device and reinstall it within Windows Device Manager and see if that resolves any driver issues.

Last ditch option is to reformat it within disk management after backing up your data, which you should already have anyways.

Thank you for your quick reply.  I did download that software but that is the software that came on the CD.  I need the software that was pre-installed on the unit itself.  Unless you’re telling me they are the same thing?  If so then I have another problem entirely.


They are the same.

It would appear you may have another problem entirely, and may have a bad formatted device.

Uninstall from system within device manager and reformat device within disk management.

Could be defective unit as well, so don’t rule that out.

Good luck.