Reformat MyPassport for Mac not working

My Passport had a meltdown and was no longer being recognized. I had a full backup, so I was not worried about the content, but assumed a reformat would make it viable again. Disk Utility recognized the drive, but cannot erase or reformat. I was, however, able to reformat on a PC, but I do not want a PC drive s it adds files that are unnecessary for a mac. So, it seemed reasonable that I could take my newly PC-formatted drive and reformat back to mac … but Disk Utility has been “gathering disk information” for over an hour now, and I guess I will have to pull the plug as there is no eject option since all I see is the spinning circle for the past hour.

Is there a simple way to reformat a PC-formatted drive to mac-formatted when the drive is readable by a PC but not a mac?


Try following the instructions on the link below.

i am convinced WD external hard drives are useless. would not buy another one. customer service is awful