Reformat MB back for Mac/PS3 use?!

I finally received my WD My Book Essential 640GB in the post today so that I could back up my MacBook and be able to watch the media files on my PS3.

When I plugged it into my Mac, it automatically went into Time Machine mode and I accidentally accepted the erase option of all the original files on the hard drive even though I didn’t want to use the storage for Time Machine back-up. Doh!

So now, when I drag and drop onto the HD and plug it into my PS3, it doesn’t show. A few Google searches has lead me to believe that the HD needs to be formatted for FAT32 however when I followed the appropriate instructions to do so, it would seem I need a PC and I only have my MacBook.

Any advice? I have a MacBook, a My Book, a PS3 Slim, a whole bunch of cables and that’s about it. 

Wait… did it. YAY! Hurray for Disk Utility. 

I guess you found out that you can format it to FAT 32 using MS Dos in Mac.  Good going.

ummm, no.

He found out he could use Disk Utility to format the drive to FAT32.

Yeah, formatting in MS Dos File System (FAT 32) is a feature of Disk Utility under Format or Options (as Master Boot Record).  Sorry, I assumed that would be understood.