Reformat a 6TB Drive for mycloud

I’ve been looking and reading other posts on this and I can’t find a straight answer. Long story short my 6TB took a nose dive, I was able to recover my data via Linux. My issue is what do I do with this drive, I attempted to use the format option from within the mycloud software and that failed, SMART failed bla bla bla. So I said screw it and formatted the drive in Linux. What I wanted to do now is reformate it so that I can use it again with mycloud to see if it’s still all jacked up. But for the life of me, I can’t find a straight answer on how to do it. Is there a utility or something I can use? Again I don’t care about the data on the drive or anything, just figured Id attempt to repair before I put this thing out at 100yrs.

( I have Linux Ubuntu loaded up via VMFusion on my MAC so maybe that’s my issue I am having IDK)


SMART failure indicates the imminent failure and unable to use. So if use this drive again, that would lead to risk your important data again.
However, if you want to take a try, you can try to reconfigure RAID setup which will format the drive and data will be erased during in this process.