"ReFlex Theme" .. A Beginning

A New Theme Project inspired by XBMC ‘Refocus’ Skin (also used in Plex) to a similar appearance for the WDTV Live Hub.

This Theme is designed for use with the Æonish Hub Moviesheets… and Firmware 2.07.17  Only.


 (Work in Progress)

* discontinued the plot to mpaa idea… make things incompatible with other themes.


This looks really nice, looking forward to this one.

Noticed the background graphics are blue toned, would there be a possisbility to customise this for users (i.e. have red overlay…), would be a nice option.

Keep up the good work and thanks 

Hi Joey, just PMed you then saw your post. :wink:

Great work as always!!

Not that easy considering some of the overlays created to ‘Hide’ and ‘Create’ to appearance of Rounded Corners and Shadows and No Reflections.

But, i will work on different  ‘Color Schemes’  to provide some alternatives of personal choice.

Nice work Joey!

I really like the look of the gallery, very clean.

And again you are surprising us with a spectacular theme … good work Joey!



Neat trick Joey! Got your PM and i understand your eagerness :wink:

Whilst i understand the theme is in experimental mode I thought the blue tone aesthetic was a nice departure from Aeonish Theme.

You can change the ‘Colors’ of the Graphics in GIMP to your own personal preference …using the HUE and SATURATION controls…

Looks good Joey.

I also saw on You Tubethe 4 sheets 1 view theme.


But I cannot find it anywhere? did you release it? if so could you point me in the right direction please. Also what themes of yours run on the latest firmware?

Keep up the good work, wish I was better with computers so that I could have an attempt.



Towards the Bottom of the Page.

Also the question:

Also what themes of yours run on the latest firmware?

The Answer:  None … (WD have virtually tied the creative hands behind our backs with their latest Firmwares)

Unless the situation changes… im not supporting any Firmwares above 2.07.17 

looking guud

maximum kudos to you

Another awesome looking theme, looks spectacular.

Will you add a wall gallery in this one ?

Great theme got tontry thisone thanx.

Tried out the ‘Theme In Progress’ on FIRMWARE 3.01.19

PNG’S (native or renamed to .JPG)  DO NOT work.

They FIXED ‘Folder’ Picture Quality… but Broke ‘File’ Picture Quality… Moviesheets using SCALE command are of very low Quality.

Only sort of Theme that could be done with FIRMWARE 3.01.19 would have to be POSTERS only… No Moviesheets.

Im Not interested in that Possibility / Limitation.  This Theme will only be for 2.017.17

These are Real Screenshots of  JPG “FOLDER” images… “FILE”  images though … look cr*p now with this FW.

Thumbgen Moviesheets for Files look like this…

Also Notice… the MPAA Rating is GONE.   It Worked fine in FW 2.07.17