Reducing length of characters in backup file directory name

In the process of trying to perform a file backup (using WD SmartWare Pro) my external 12TB RAID storage array to another RAID array, I have encountered numerous problems relating to the maximum filename/path length of 260 characters dictated by my MS OS 7 Pro and 10. I suspect my problems are related to the length of my directory tree on the destination drive.

With respect to WD SmartWare Pro, one of the backup directory names it creates in the backup tree is like 50 characters long, or approx. 20% of the maximum characters allowed by the OS.

Is there anyway I can reduce the number of characters used in that specific directory created by the WD SmartWare Pro to allow me a better chance to stay within the pathetic path limits dictated by the OS, without corrupting the currently stored backup session. Creating a completely new backup session with that much data takes days, which I’d rather not do if I can avoid it.

Hi there,

I believe that if you change the name of this folder, it will start the backup again from scratch. Lets see if another user can give you some tips or information on this matter.