Redirect in link to download file brings up browser warning about security certificate


  I’m new to MyBook Live. So far it’s working great. I’m now testing the ability to email a link to someone so they can download a specific file from the drive. Using WD2go on my cellphoneI sent myself a test. On my PC when I click on the link I received in the email, Google Chrome  reports that the server name is different from the one in the link. Internet Explorer reports there is a problem with the website’s security certificate. I recognize both links and will proceed anyway. However, when I send the link to a friend or colleague, I’m afraid the warning will scare them away and they won’t proceed with the download. 

  I see a related post here suggesting users accept the unknown certificate. But I’m going to have a hard time convincing friends or colleagues to bypass a warning from their browser.

    How to avoid such a warning? 


Below, screenshots of the warning. First one is Google Chrome, second is from Internet Explorer



I’m seeing this, too.

I was using wd2go from my PC yesterday with no problems, but I’m seeing these same errors this morning…

Tried 30 minutes later, and it started working…


  I’m still seeing this warning message. I know I will not be able to convince colleagues to ignore this warning and go ahead to download the file I posted for them. So for now, links to files is un-usable.

  I have tried re-writing the URL to match the destination URL thinking I can send colleagues the corrected URL so they avoid getting the dire warning, but to no avail. 

  Are links working for anyone without seeing the warning? I don’t have any control over my colleagues browsers so I can’t enter "" as a safe URL for them. 

 Help WD staff!   How can I re-write the URL to match the destination server to avoid this re-direct error?