Red vs Green for back up from NAS


maybe it is not the wright place for the question but I need the answer soon to start buying and backing my data up

I am considering to buy about 25 back up hdd for my NAS system and store them in cabinet so when some volume get crashed or something i still have all my data

so i am really hesitant between 6TB green and red especially the price gap is small between them and red have 3 year warranty ?!!

please give me some advice 

Red, Red Pro, and Re are designed for NAS / RAID applications. Green is designed to make backups, where backup is defined as starting and finishing without pause. Choose Red, Red Pro, or Re, the last of which has 128 MB of cache on 5-6 GB drives. Also note that Red Pro and Re run at 7200 rpm, with Red running at IntelliPower. I’d choose Re.

thanks for replying 

but it didnt aswer my Q i wil store it in the cabinet after backing my data up and wont use it usually until a volume crashed or something like that or for updating the back ups 

i am Confused since red is stonger as i think and have vabriator protection also have a 3 years of warranty and finally can be used to both nas and back ups

yet green is more designed  for backing up and a little bet chepper but have only 2 years warranty and cant work for nas in the future if I change my mind

i will buy 20 HDD 6tb to cover my entier library of NAS and its for me a large number of disks so i need to be sure of the decision

Your question is like asking if you should buy green or red apples. My answer was to choose yellow apples because they have a better taste.

All NAS drives have vibration protection. You need to read the webpages for Red, Red Pro, and Re.

Look at the menu at the top of Notice how under Internal Storage -> NAS there are three entries: Red, Red Pro, and Re. Green drives are listed under Internal Storage -> Desktop and there are good reasons for that. Red is better than Green for NAS because the reliability and longevity are much greater with NAS drives. You need to make up your mind. Green is cheaper because it is not a NAS drive. The more you use the drives, the more you would benefit from Red.

maybe you andrstand me wrong

first of all i cant affort the pro or re :smileyvery-happy: i am only asking between red and green 

also i wont use it for NAS it is for external back up and then leave them in some drawer for a long time

the main reason why I ask this is one of my friends told me that green works better for external back up than red since red is designed for NAS not back up 

i am still waiting for an answer :slight_smile:


I would imagine red would run a lot cooler vs the green although I am not certain.