Red Power Light When External HD Attached & Cannot Access It

I have an EX2 and want to connect a 1TB Toshiba external hard drive to it.

I plug it in the back and the power light which was blue on the EX2 turns red and I cannot see where to access the files on it.

I have the USB access setting in the GUI set to on, I’m assuming the red light is some kind of warning light to say its not working correctly but I cant see what else to do.


Check the alert notifications in the EX2 UI. That’s the little bell icon in the upper right corner. It will tell you what the critical error is. If the drive is formatted in EXFAT, it is not supported on our NAS drives and will not be seen.


Thanks for the reply and you were absolutely correct there was an alert saying it was an unsupported file system however I plugged it back into my PC and reformatted it to NTFS (the only other file system available) which successfully completed yet when I plug it back into the NAS it comes up with the same error message?


Those messages are “persistent” messages and will remain if you do not delete them. You are probably looking at the old message. Delete the message and try again. If the error persists, do a CHKDSK /r of the drive. You may have some bad sectors on the external hard drive and the CHKDSK /r will remap them so they are not used. You can always call Tech Support directly for help as well. 1-800-275-4932.